About us


Curt and Ryan Flaitz were broke college kids who could only afford one pair of 

Curt had a passion for business and graduated college with a marketing degree while Ryan was creative with a love for art. Together they decided to try and fill the void by creating a brand that was different from anything else out there. So in 2007 Curt and Ryan started PSD Underwear in upstate New York.

To get their brand rolling, they spent their life-savings on a used RV. They sanded it down, painted it black and added their logo. They quit their jobs and hit the road. They spent the following year promoting PSD out of the RV at car shows, sporting events, music festivals and other events. At one of these events they made contact with their first athlete, Stevie Johnson, who at the time played for the Buffalo Bills. In his next game Johnson scored a touchdown and lifted up his shirt. The PSD logo was front and center on televisions nationwide. It was covered by ESPN and Sports Illustrated. It was then that Pants Saggin’ Dezign really took off.