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Being set up as a digital storage company, VANSUNY is today a technology group that provides a comprehensive lineup of USB flash drives, portable SSDs, USB hubs, USB cables, as well as wall chargers, WiFi plugs, desk lamps, and more office supplies for the enterprise, industrial, business and consumer worldwide. VANSUNY products are fully designed and developed by our research & development teams capable of combining practical experience with strong technology delivery competence. Being innovative while reinforcing special care on the preservation and perfection, the creative and passionate VANSUNY research team uses cuttingedge technology to bring products that are superior in performance, appearance, reliability, and value-for-money to the customers in all markets.    

Committed to the best quality and manufacturing excellence, VANSUNY deploys high tech production management, smart logistics, and a systematic administrative process. Experienced engineers continuously monitor and work to improve all aspects of production to optimize performance. Strict quality control team and procedures ensure each product’s actual quality conforms to or exceeds the expected quality of the customer. As an innovative global brand, VANSUNY extends to the broader lifestyle concept, from storage solution products to smart home devices, office supplies, and more, making your life more convenient and intelligent.

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1935 W. 11th. St Upland, CA 9178, USA.

Phi Tran
1935 W. 11th. St
Upland, CA 9178

+1 626 489 8379

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